About Web-cam-search

We got the idea for building this web-cam portal and site after experimenting with some Boolean algorithms that uncovered webcams on the Internet. Very often, people would buy a webcam, hook it up and get it working and then leave it with the default settings which have absolutely no security and are open to be found by search engines over time.

Well, Google and other search engines find all of these webcams. Most of them are on all the time, and the people in the room do not even know if someone is viewing them over the camera. Some models have a lamp that lights up when someone is viewing, most do not.

Cameras you can control

Very often, you will find cameras that you can control - you can pan from left to right, up and down, zoom in and out and change camera angles. Sometimes people have professional installers who remember to password protect the controls, very often, they do not. Sometimes, cameras are left open for the public to use and control at will. Sometimes you can find a popular camera and someone else is controlling it.

Every once in a while you might find one that is being used by security guards - you can really freak them out when you begin controlling their camera if it is not supposed to be publicly accessible.




Different types of controls

As you get used to the various webcams and after you have experimented a bit with the different search strings, you will find that there are a number of different controllers for cams depending upon the model.

You can try different search strings on your own in Google or any other search engine to find other cameras by coming up with your own variations of these strings.

When you find them, be sure to share them in the forum or blog area of our page!